13 Feb 2014

How minimal can you get? #69

“Discharge took the minimalist ethic of the Ramones to its absolute extremes on a handful of multi-song singles and two blistering albums, Why and Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, ultimately paving the way for thrash metal. The most ferocious of pacifists, Discharge's attack consisted of monstrous high speed guitar riffs and demented proto-thrash solos, submachine gun drumming and Cal's hugely embittered shout, which makes the almost-banally blunt lyrics virtually indecipherable. Not given over to verses and middle-eights as such, you could fit the words to the group's minute-long songs onto the backs of matchboxes.Punky Gibbon

“The music of the UK band Discharge was brutally fast and angry. The band's brilliance lay in it's sparse use of lyrics… the songs were almost like Japanese haiku poetry, but were concerned with the horrors of the modern world and the drive towards war.Mark Vallen

Discharge Realities Of War 7" (Clay Records, 1980)
Discharge – Realities Of War

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