5 Nov 2013

How minimal can you get? #64

Voice Farm  
Voice Farm is a San Francisco based techno-folk duo consisting of vocalist / composer Charly Brown and sound designer Myke Reilly. Voice Farm began its musical journey around 1980. Founding members Charly Brown and Gary Miles performed in San Francisco at The Mabuhay Gardens and The Deaf Club. Patrick Miller of Minimal Man was a brief member of Voice Farm at this time. After performing twice with Patrick at The Fab Mab Gary & Charly realized it was not to be. Patrick did not believe in rehearsing or learning a 'song' per se. At any rate it was way more fun to see him live than to perform with him.Official site

Human Hands, Nervous Gender, Voice Farm @ the Hong Kong Cafe, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 1980
The first Voice Farm performances were way outside of the then current trend of nihilistic punk bands with guitars. Charly and I always agreed on one thing. Stark minimalism and modernism with a subversive undertone throughout. Bauhaus inspired dancers dressed as downtown executives provided a syncronized backdrop for our live shows. The audiences were split on us as we defied the punky nihilsm of the era with our new brand of modernist art house pop. By the early 80's we had attracted a large cult following and we were being approched by nightclubs, managers, labels etc.Myke Reilly 

Voice Farm (Gary Miles, Myke Reilly, Charly Brown)
This is where it all started. In a basement room lined with egg cartons, two synthesizers, a broken Farfisa organ and a beat box. Voice Farm’s first single came in a variety of handmade silkscreened covers. Red, yellow and blue. Former band-mate graphic artist Gary Miles worked his magic on these.Official site

Voice Farm Sleep/Mödern Things 7" (Optional Records, 1981)

Voice Farm – Sleep
Listen to the 7" here.

More info here.

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