5 Feb 2013

How minimal can you get? #48

The Better Beatles
“The Beatles were an oppressive influence.” Dave Nordin

“I knew people that were riding Big Wheels when the Beatles broke up who still worshiped them like gods. Omaha has always been slow to change, being insulated by the rest of America's conservative bulk. I felt that the adoration of the Beatles had gone on quite long enough. Better Beatles stripped the songs of their sacred status, like saying 'we're not afraid of your gods!'… actually we had no material, and this is just what we pulled out of our asses. The important thing to us was to be doing something. We started on the first practice with nothing. Jay had Lennon and McCartney songbooks. I just read the lyrics while the guys plinked around. We ended up liking the formula – so it stuck!” Jean Smith

The Better Beatles at Studio B. Fall 1981, Omaha, NE
“It is kind of fun remembering the short life of the Better Beatles.The music made people uncomfortable or they just thought it was lousy.” Jay Rosen

“Mostly we got yelled at and threatened by the Omaha crowd, but we had fun!” Jean Smith

Capitol Punishment. Lincoln, NE circa 1982
“We can't all be huge stars, the world would melt from the heat. Follow your heart and create work that is meaningful to you. You will shine brightly enough to attract the attention of the people that will matter to you.” Jean Smith

The Better Beatles I'm Down 7" (Woodgrain Records, 1981)

The Better Beatles – Penny Lane

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