30 Jan 2012

Vomit Launch

Vomit Launch were a rock band from Chico, California from 1985 to 1992. They released four proper albums and toured, mostly playing the West Coast with one East Coast jaunt. Some people liked them.

Vomit Launch, 1987
In January 1985, in the college town of Chico, California, Gene Story decided he wanted to start a band, with the idea that they could sound like 4AD groups such as the Cocteau Twins or This Mortal Coil. He asked Lindsey Thrasher and Patricia Rowland to join. Being friends with all involved, Larry Crane offered to play bass (borrowed from roommate, Steve Valin) and the use of his house to practice. Lindsey owned a guitar and it wasn't yet determined what Patricia would be doing. Basically Gene never made it to practice, but somehow friends Tim Smyth and Toni Smith dropped by for the first rehearsal with guitars, amps and percussion equipment. Patricia was conned into buying a drum machine, persuaded to set aside her viola and became the vocalist.

Vomit Launch: Larry Crane, Lindsey Thrasher, Patricia Rowland, Steve Bragg
Rehearsing a couple of times, the group was asked to play a house party and needed a name. Some time before this group had assembled, Lindsey and Doug Roberts drank a bunch of wine and created a list of possible band names for future use. Unfortunately among these names were Truckload of Fuckers, Fuckload of Truckers and Vomit Launch. Needing a name with a 'gig' fast approaching, the band decided Vomit Launch would be a fantastic choice! The party was quite a success, according to those who remembered anything the next day.

Vomit Launch Exiled Sandwich LP (Rat Box Records, 1988)

Vomit Launch – Wane
Get it here.

Vomit Launch – What Cross (from Devil in the Woods #2 cassette, 1986)
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Vomit Launch – Switch (Michael Bahr, 1990)

For a detailed history, tons of pics and songs, please visit Vomit Launch's official site.

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