17 Sep 2010

Happy music doesn't have to be dumb!

Or the Story of The 49 Americans
“The 49 Americans were an experiment in the pursuit of happiness. We were playing because we wanted to play. Because we enjoyed being together and seeing what each other could do. Musicians and non-musicians surprising each other. We did not take ourselves seriously, but we were serious about that. In the increasingly global market place, there is less and less room for individuals at the top. So we celebrated, not being at the top, but simply being together. Like the Statue of Liberty we held up a shining torch of self-entertainment! Saying: Have fun! Play! Participate! Everyone should be allowed to be an American. Like it says on the dollars: E pluribus unum!” 

“All kinds of music are created equal. No music is more important than other music in a democracy. We believe in freedom. Freedom from everything, including lack of ability. In early American times, when there was a tradition of patchwork quilt making, the last piece of patchwork was always placed incorrectly in order to emphasise that man was not perfect. The 49 Americans have continued this traditional practice in their own music, accepting the subtle variance of the pieces they play through the medium of human error.”

“The 49 Americans were an experiment in the pursuit of happiness. Happy music doesn't have to be dumb.” The 49 Americans

The 49 Americans – It's time

Read the Incompleteable Story of The 49 Americans.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!
had this lp once (where it is i don´t know) and always it made my day!!!


ONECHORD said...

Thanks for your comment and apologies for this late reply of mine.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Best :)