18 Apr 2010

Leslie Singer (Girls On Fire)

“If you were 22, and you hated Tuxedomoon, and you were pissed off because your Art History prof wouldn't let you do your Joseph Beuys term paper on cassette with a guitar, you might have done the same thing. But you weren't, and you didn't. And you probably never recorded the most severe & distressed-sounding guitar-skronk + stream of consciousness vocals this side of 1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts, either, did you, huh? That proves that you're not Leslie Singer, and that strongly implies that you need this 5cdR collection of every precious moment of the GIRLS ON FIRE project.” EEEE EEEE Records

Leslie Singer (Girls On Fire) – My Restrained Anger
By the way, note "Pleasure of Love" by Tom Tom Club sounding in the background.
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