5 Feb 2010

How minimal can you get? #17

Ramones – Ramones LP
“The Ramones had everything I ever liked. The songs were short. You knew what was happening within five seconds. You didn't have to analyze and/or determine what it was you were hearing or seeing. It was all there.” Danny Fields

“I'd heard the Sex Pistols early on, but it didn't make a huge impression on me. What made the bigget impression on me was The Ramones' first album. I loved playing that record for people just to watch them cringe. Suddenly, Rock & Roll was fun again.” SPOT

“This is the ultimate exercise in deconstruction: take away everything that doesn't matter, or doesn't seem to matter, but leave exactly the amount that is necessary to make the listener realize this is rock'n'roll, this is The Power! This is The Force!” George Starostin

“They are representative of a musical movement centered mainly in New York and London that heralds the return to 'minimalist' rock, better known as punk rock.” Bruce Terrell (Commonwealth Times, October 1976)

Ramones – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (1975)

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