20 May 2008

Fifth Column

Fifth Column – Like This (Bruce LaBruce & Fifth Column, 1990)

“We really believe that almost anyone can be in Fifth Column, and even if they weren't really musicians but had a passion for music and a sense of rhythm or something. So we always got people who played heart and soul all their lives as little kids, and then basically we would, like, reinvent music with people who were conventionally unmusical.” Caroline Azar


noinim said...

why do i have such difficulties finding any releases by this band? this music is just magnificent. thanks for uploading the video!

jove moix said...

hi jason,
so glad to hear from you again! let me tell you "life on the dot" was one of the first blogs i was a deeply fan. because... how couldn't you love it with such amazing posts like your funeral, morbid opera or coitus int? it's really a shame it is on hiatus. please, keep "life on the dot" alive again! from here all my best wishes.
as for fifth column, 100% agree with you: why is so difficult to find stuff from this band -specially their early records? been wanting to listen to "to sir with hate" lp for a long time...
maybe you should try to write here and ask directly:
maybe she can help us :)
all my best wishes.