30 Jan 2008


It happened ten years ago but I still remember it clearly. Back then, I was discovering the whole UK punk 77 scene, and was avid to get stuff from all the bands of that era. One afternoon, after leaving school, I went to a now defunct record shop from my home town to see if I could buy a punk record that had been reviewed in a fanzine. Unfortunately, it was not available and I got really frustrated. But, instead of going back home with empty hands I decided to look for some other records and then, I discovered an album with an amazing cover that instantly got my attention. It was Live At The Palladium 1979 by the now legendary Texan weirdos Huns.

 Huns: They weren't punks, they were assholes.

Never heard of them before, but it looked really great so I bought it. To tell you it opened my ears to a new whole sound is not enough. It was a new attitude as well, where you could REALLY sound BAD and AWFUL and not caring at all. And of course, it was the band who opened my ears to the amazing Texas scene as well  – with incredible acts like Really Red, AK47, Next, Legionaire's Disease and my all time favourites Vast Majority. But gosh, the Huns were the first ones… and I'll never forget that.

Huns – Murder In Texas

Huns – Live in Austin, TX (1979)

All info you need to know about the Huns is here.


a violent femme said...

ahhh the Palladium....Good old DFW times.

Texas punk has always been the wildest, most interesting subsect of the culture. look at Dickie and the Big Boys, and the fact that the Sex Pistols had their most riotous show in Dallas, Texas (I have that t-shirt by the way).

Viva la Tejas.

Anonymous said...

It's the DIcks, dumbass. But I don't have to tell you,because you were there.