25 Nov 2007

The Rejects

“We formed in my freshman year in high school… Mark and Denise Rubinstein and I were all in 'stage band' (a sort of jazz big band thing in school) together. We decided to form a punk band since we already played together… we all listened to the Ramones and went to see them at The Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin. We played our first gig at a place in San Antonio called 'The Friendly Spot' — an outdoor bar in the King William District just south of downtown San Antonio. We continued to play several gigs there and began to build a following. We then approached Raul's in Austin… after seeing the Ramones at Armadillo World Headquarters we met some bands and people that got us an audition at Raul's. Our parents came and drove us to Austin and had to stay at the gigs at Raul's because we were all under age. I was 16, Mark R. was 15 and Denise was 17. We opened for the Big Boys, the Dicks, Sharon Tate's Baby, the Offenders, Delta 72 and other bands I can't remember.” Mark of The Rejects (Break My Face)

“Their drummer was last spotted playing piano with the San Antonio Symphony. Their guitar player was last spotted playing lap steel guitar in country bands.” Taco City Rockers

"Special thanks to Gary Davenport, Mark Champion, Linda Weatherfold, Barry Gavin and Gary Smith for all their help and patience… also thanx to our parents for all their help and MONEY." Back To School credits

The Rejects – You Haven't Done Your Share Until The Job Is Finished

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