23 Sept 2011

Asbestos Lead Asbestos

Originally posted December 20, 2008
“This is without doubt the sound of the mid 1980's from W11. Their first single and never bettered, despite being recorded in possible one of the worst studios in London. They had already been around for years on the free tours and playing in squats as part of the Street Level Organisation under the name The 012, who released the seminal 'Fish From Tahiti' and the even more seminal Weird Noise EP on Fuck Off Records. Anyway 'Asbestos Lead Asbestos' must be in the top 20 debut singles of all time? Discuss! But not with me.” Sean (Rough Trade)

World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos (1985)

The 012 – Asbestos Lead Asbestos (1984)
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World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos + Interview

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styreneboy said...

Hi, I've been looking for Beats Baby Hi the B-Side of this for ages, it's the only track of theirs I don't have in digital form . I know it's not a particularly important track in the WDE canon, but any chance of posting it here? I'd be very happy if you could.

ONECHORD said...

Hi styreneboy,

Apologies for the delay in writing back, and so sorry I can't help… I also would like to listen to the B-Side!!!

Best wishes,