21 May 2011

Our record label could be your life #3

NB Records
“(…) I met Nag and Bendle busking in Finsbury Park Underground station and stopped to join in. They had NB Records and when I said I wanted to make a record they said they'd put it out.” Giblet (The 49 Americans)

The only three bands that were part of NB Records were:

#1: The Door And The Window – Production Line 7" (1979)

“Having faithfully followed D.I.Y.'s minimum prescriptions for musicianship (none, initially: they learnt as they went), production values (ditto), and packaging (blank labels with stickers, hand-folded sleeves, thank-you credits listing just themselves), Nag and Bendle took it all one step further by abandoning all pretext of melody. (Their lyrics remained enjoyable but conventionally witty/Marxist/anti-rockist.) After two resolutely unhummable EPs on their NB label (for 'Nag & Bendle'), The Door and the Window's glorious din had annoyed and enraged much the press and large segments of the DIY 'establishment' as well… but it was pure aural catnip for anti-pop icon Mark Perry (Sniffin Glue/ATV) who promptly recorded two similarly tune-free 45s for NB –and modestly accepted a position as The Door and the Window's drummer. This line-up recorded TDATW's landmark LP, Detailed Twang.” Chuck Warner (Hyped to Death)

#2: The 49 Americans – The 14-Track Single 7" (1980)

“The idea of The 49 Americans was not to be a band. I hated the pictures of bands posing and the idea of 'finding a sound'. So I created the band as a kind of democracy that allowed anyone to be in it, regardless of ability, no fixed line-up, no fixed style.” Giblet (The 49 Americans)

#3: Mark Perry + Dennis Burns – You Cry Your Tears 7" (1980)

“What might seem to others to be harsh reviews were to us wonderful complimentary fodder; 'swamped in kettle and saucepan percussion', a 'hearty shabbiness', 'amateurism viewed as a material virtue rather than a spiritual one', and the best quote of all, 'makes Swell Maps sound like Led Zeppelin.” Nag (The Door And The Window)

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